A year since it’s introduction even Google is surprised by how successful “Click to Call” has become. “We’re seeing millions of calls every month; it has become a core part of a large number mobile search ad campaigns,” said Google’s Surojit Chatterjee who is in charge of the product.

That same phrase — millions of calls — was also mentioned by Google Product SVP Jonathan Rosenberg on the company’s most recent earnings call: “Click-to-Call ads are generating millions of calls every month. A lot of advertisers are running these campaigns.”

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This is a good example of how this very attractive Click to Call feature could enhance the “probability of converting Web Visitors into Sales Leads”.

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Tally Solutions implement Click to Call

by admin on January 8, 2011

Tally Solutions, one of the most known Accounting and ERP solutions in India has implemented Niche Tech Services Click to Call feature in order to give an ease to the Customers to reach them just at a Click.

User shall enter his name and phone number and after hitting “Dial a Tally Expert”, he shall be connected with the Support Team of tally over Phone within seconds.


Services could be seen at http://www.tallysolutions.com


Yellow pages, Business Directories, B2B Portals, Real Estate Web sites, Job Portals, Matrimonial services and all such similar platforms could now utilize Click to Call functionality to enable the Web Visitor to connect with the Merchant or Listing Owner for Free and that too just at a Click.

NTS’s Click to Call services offer API integration with your existing Platform to add “web to voice” service and enhance the ways to contact. Free Call button attracts the Web Visitors and improves the chance of converting web visitor into a qualified business Lead.

Not only does it works as a Free Call service for Web Visitors but also a Leveraging the Leads! For example Business Directory or Yellow Pages can implement Click to Call and generate qualified Leads to the Merchants which are very efficiently tracked and monitored. These Portals can also charge the Merchant for each Lead generated which is a great additional revenue.

Our API enables picking up both the leg Numbers dynamically from database and make a Call, further to this a complete Call report could be pulled back including Call status, start and end time, IP, referral page, Call ID, duration etc.

Contact us to discuss Click to Call integration into your portal, we love discussing new ideas!


Misuse of Click To Call Service

by admin on July 2, 2010

Click To Call service is quite useful for both web site visitors as well as website owner as it serves as an quick communication between them. Visitors are benefited as they can speak to website owner FREE OF COST!

But, we have also experienced where many people try to misuse the service. These are few tricks which people try to misuse it :-

1. Entering any valid number and initiate calls. This creates nuisance to both website owner as well as the phone number owner.

2. Making use of free minutes for talking to friend and relatives by changing page codes instead of actually testing the service to check its utility for their website.

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Clickcall has recently revamped its dashboard of user account! It provides quick information about user’s account details like, voice mails, missed call, recent announcements, reseller information ( if user is a reseller).

Click To Call Dashboard

New Dashboard for user account

Missed call :

This information could be very useful for Click To Call user. It provides all calls which did not meterialise for one reason or the other. It captures the number, name entered which can be used to call back manually or researching for failed calls by web visitors.

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Click To Call can be used as monitoring online sales by sales executives in an organisation.

A managerial staff can view all calls initiated by Click To Call, check call duration as well as any INCOMPLETE call which were not attended by any call executive.

NTS Click To Call also offers user an ability to enter a comment against any call. This helps keep tracking of the call and future reference.

NTS Click To Call also offers optional call recording which may be used for monitoring sales engineers activities or effectiveness. It can be used as performance monitoring system too.


Press Release
March 25, 2010

UDAIPUR – The newly designed service CLICKCALL , by Niche Tech Service goes live today on the World wide web. Clickcall.in aims to reach to all business websites, media houses, and celebrity websites etc. to provide CLICKCALL services for the first time in India. This new service to Indian Market features to take over the small call centers running across the country. CLICKCALL is a promising new product in the industry.

Using the CLICKCALL services one can host their own call center, without investing a single penny. Business Website can provide CLICKCALL service on their website, visitor of that website will enter his/her number and click on Call Me. Instantly a call will be setup between the visitor and the business executives. This service promises to convert the website visitors to future customers. Among the features of CLICKCALL, one can login to the website and assign different numbers for different services according to the dept. The best feature of CLICKCALL is one can use unlimited number of phone numbers.

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One instant hesitation which comes to mind of website owner while thinking of putting Click To Call feature in his website is, “Number of Spam Calls”, and rightly so! There may not be full proof method of filtering out all spam calls, but there are surely effective means to reduce spam calls to minimum!

Normally there are two kinds of spamming which may happen using Click To Call service :-

1. Website spam submission
2. Spam Call submission
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Normally, website visitors land your website from a search engine looking for information about their requirement. Now, her ( website visitor) requirement may be the exact match what you offer in your line of business and what you have presented in your website!

But, how do you convince her that you are a real business, not just a ‘virtual’ business without any real human being behind the website ? How can a visitor from USA verify an address of Udaipur in India ?

With Click To Call facility, you not only provide confidence in your business and authenticity, but also you provide your visitors to chance to speak to you, in person!

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Click To Call can be customised intelligently using a simple IVR application to provide “Call Whisper” feature to its subscribers.

Call Whisper is a feature where called party is informed about incoming call which number he dialed and from where he is dialing.

In Click To Call, an website visitor visits a page in a website. Now this page could be an writeup about a product in a certain category. In this page, “Click To Call” facility is available using which the website visitor can talk to “concerned person” ( about the product ) just by typing in his phone number. Now, the “concerned person” is the product specialist who receives calls from different pages in the website [click to continue…]