Click To Call offers Call Whsiper Feature to your number

by admin on February 21, 2010

Click To Call can be customised intelligently using a simple IVR application to provide “Call Whisper” feature to its subscribers.

Call Whisper is a feature where called party is informed about incoming call which number he dialed and from where he is dialing.

In Click To Call, an website visitor visits a page in a website. Now this page could be an writeup about a product in a certain category. In this page, “Click To Call” facility is available using which the website visitor can talk to “concerned person” ( about the product ) just by typing in his phone number. Now, the “concerned person” is the product specialist who receives calls from different pages in the website describing different products in a category. Using “Click To Call” service, the concerned person would be informed about the caller, his name, from which product page he is calling! So, essentially, Click To Call service provided by NTS, would whisper the website visitor information to the “concerned person” saving time, as well as personalised service to the visitor!

Call whispering feature using Click To Call service helps a company providing better information, informed customer service to any website visitor. This increases conversion rate of website visitor to customer.

So, using Click To Call service, website master can increase their sales from website. Call whispering feature is an expensive feature in a PABX available only in high end PBX systems. Even hosted PBX service providers charge extra for this useful “Call whispering” feature. But using NTS ClickCall, one gets this feature absolutely free!

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