How Click To Call service help you increase your sale

by admin on March 2, 2010

Normally, website visitors land your website from a search engine looking for information about their requirement. Now, her ( website visitor) requirement may be the exact match what you offer in your line of business and what you have presented in your website!

But, how do you convince her that you are a real business, not just a ‘virtual’ business without any real human being behind the website ? How can a visitor from USA verify an address of Udaipur in India ?

With Click To Call facility, you not only provide confidence in your business and authenticity, but also you provide your visitors to chance to speak to you, in person!

So, that is how a business website can build trust with any new website visitor and create a new customer.

With increasing competition in any type of business, you may no longer leave your website to behave like a billboard on road visible to passer-byes with no interaction! When a person visits your shop, normally one shop assistant comes forward and offers help finding any product, making up mind! This can be called pro-active selling !

With Click To Call feature in a website, business house behind the website offers ‘sales assistant’ to every website visitor offering instant voice chat!

So, sign up for ClickCall and beat your competition!

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