Misuse of Click To Call Service

by admin on July 2, 2010

Click To Call service is quite useful for both web site visitors as well as website owner as it serves as an quick communication between them. Visitors are benefited as they can speak to website owner FREE OF COST!

But, we have also experienced where many people try to misuse the service. These are few tricks which people try to misuse it :-

1. Entering any valid number and initiate calls. This creates nuisance to both website owner as well as the phone number owner.

2. Making use of free minutes for talking to friend and relatives by changing page codes instead of actually testing the service to check its utility for their website.

3.  Trying to exploit APIs for any loop holes.

4.  Signing up with different emails for multiple accounts.

Most probably, these are the reasons why many Click To Call service providers resort to SMS verification for the caller, making the “click to call service” slower and cumbersome.

While the above loopholes could be minimised to an extent using security measures, but this will remain a problem for petty people with intention to harm a Click To Call service.

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