Tips to reduce spam calls while using Click To Call

by admin on March 11, 2010

One instant hesitation which comes to mind of website owner while thinking of putting Click To Call feature in his website is, “Number of Spam Calls”, and rightly so! There may not be full proof method of filtering out all spam calls, but there are surely effective means to reduce spam calls to minimum!

Normally there are two kinds of spamming which may happen using Click To Call service :-

1. Website spam submission
2. Spam Call submission

1. Website Spam Call submission

a. Many website robots, bots, spiders simply submit any forms with submit button! This could be effectively removed using a “CAPTCHA” techniques. or email/phone verification before actually making the calls.
b. Another way is, verifying the phone number entered with an SMS!
c. Other method is quick registration. But it may actually remove the necessity of Click To Call itself!

2. Spam Call submission
Many website visitors may simply submit non-existent numbers, out-of-service number and submit for click to call service. Most probably, it is almost impossible to filter this kind of spam calls. But here are few tips to reduce losses due to this kind of spamming:-

a. Call the visitor first and wait to connect before dialing out website owner. This will save cost of one call to website owner.
b. Do not call if the visitor number is not reachable, FAX answers, call diverted etc.

Another advantage of this kind of call flow is, during hold time, website can play its promotional messages. So at least some advertising is done even if website owner is unable to attend the call at that point of time.

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