Click To Call is not alternative of phone

by admin on February 13, 2010

Many people may ask, why not just pick up the mobile, punch in the phone number from “Contact us” page from the website and get talking ? Of course, you may do that and “Click To Call” is not for replacing telephone or “Click To Call” is not an alternative to that! But, Click To Call surely offers few convenience for website visitor which a “make your own call” approach may no offer! For example :-

1. You do not need to pay for making call and making inquiry

You, as a website visitor and interested party for product displayed in the web site, do not need to pay if you find a “click to call” option in the web site and make use of it! Is not it an incentive for making the effort of calling the website ? Does not it encourage you to contact sales people of the web site you are visiting ? So, Click To Call facility is as good as calling a toll free number!

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Click To Call : Get your free Toll Free Number

by admin on February 10, 2010

Click To Call on a website can be thought as a Toll Free number for the website!

Toll free numbers appeal users to call them as the caller does not have to pay! Same way, Click to Call service on a website, the visitor does not have to pay for the call!, Here, he does not have to pay, need not call, need not worry about whom he would speak, no need to wait holding the line! A visitor the the website just need to enter his phone number, a person relevant to his page visit would speak to him, right there!

So, one may think Click To Call service in a website as a toll free number for the website, minus the cost of a toll free number! Toll free number is not free for the owner! [click to continue…]


Hosted IVR service in India

by admin on February 9, 2010

Usage of IVR is not very new. But till now, IVR is not widely used as it could be like in USA or European countries. But with recent telecom boom in India, usage of IVR is increasing. NTS is one of the pioneering company in hosted IVR service in India which has been providing voice bulk messages, IVR based complaint management , unique IVR backed Click To Call service.

Hosted IVR is a new concept and it is almost limited to bulk voice messages till now. No serious hosted IVR application has been hosted and being used. But recently, there have been lot of talk about hosted IVR service in India too.

Present IVR companies have been developing customised IVR solutions for on-premise requirement. Voice portal is one application which has been hosting some IVR applications for specific delivery of contents. For example, various TV channels, news papers had been using existing voice portal for offering their live news content to mobile subscribers.
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Click To Call : How does it work

by admin on February 4, 2010

So, how does Click To Call Work ?

Imagine this scenario, you have a product developed by your company and you have put its features, specification in your website, now a visitor searches for a keyword related to your website in Google, Yahoo or Bing, and lands on the product page! He read the product details, specification, but he knows he needs one more information required about the product, but not mentioned there! But he also knows that, the required information was not mentioned as nobody asked the right question to the product or sales people! So he wants to ask the right question, right there!

Imaging now that, there was an option where website visitor can type in his phone number and sees a button which says, “Click to Call”! The button “Click To Call”, powered by NTS ClickCall service is smart enough to call the right person about the product and the website visitor and connect both of them!

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Click To Call Service in India

by admin on February 2, 2010

ClickCall or Click To Call service has not picked up yet in India. Though there are many commercial websites or e-com portals, still I have not seen usage of “Click To Call” facility in any websites.

“Click To Call” services are available for more than 10 years now. Indian websites have not picked up big way Click To Call features yet. Here are few reasons for which Click To Call has not been widely used :-

1. Lack of Information
Not many people web masters have heard about Click To Call facility in India. Many people confuse this with just a Dialer software where one clicks a button to make a call from a modem.
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Click To Call or CLICKCALL has been around for quite some time now, if you have a company website and a business which needs new customers regularly, and if you are not using Click to Call feature in your website along with your website contacts, then, chances are, you are losing your customer to your competitors:-

Here are three compelling reasons for you to use Click To Call facility in your website :-

1. Privacy

  • Privacy of telephone numbers :
  • We all know NDNC exists, but how effective is it ? You put your mobile number/ telephone number on your website and you are sure to get lot of calls from many tele=marketeers. But than, you can not afford not to put your contcat phone numbers on website too! Your dilemma is completely solved by CLICKCALL! You no longer need to display your mobile number for the eager buyer or prospective customer, but you will make the call to him! Visitor likes it as he does not pay for the call, and you like it as you do not give out your personal number for tele-marketeers n website! CLICKCALL will establish the call for both of you using Click to Call technology!

  • Privacy to pricing
  • You may not like to display pricing of your products, services either for the fear of your competitor, or simply that your pricing are highly customised! Well, use CLICKCALL to speak and explain to website visitor immediately!

  • Privacy to individuals
  • With CLICKCALL, different people could be contacted at different time depending on working hours! It keeps individuals private from casual website visitors and help screening!

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Why you need clickcall on your website ?

by admin on January 19, 2010

There are many benefits of having a website and it is the best way of showcasing products and services to any prospective customer. All websites provides “Contact Us” link and clickcall provides Talk to Us now, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Clickcall is your hosted call center without having to invest anything on infrastructure or call agent!

So, why should you have CLICKCALL on your website ?

1. It helps you convert casual inquiry into sales

ClickCall which connects the visitor instantly with the correct sales person instantly, free of cost may surely convert a casual enquiry to a sale!

2. It is easy to setup and and cheap

Easy to setup and can have unlimited numbers as per product/services pages.

3. No initial investment or investment of hardware, telephone lines required

Clickcall is a hosted service and one can have it by paying per call basis without any rental.

4. It can work as digital receptionist

Yes, clickcall can work as your digital receptionist, where it may record voice mail, customer feedback, and route calls etc.

5. It can route, greets caller intelligently as per time of the day.

It can greet a caller as per his number with customised greetings in local language, pampering the caller with personalized service.

6. It works 24 hours a day!
And it can route to different numbers as per day of the time!


Hosted IVR solutions

by admin on January 16, 2010

CLICKCALL.IN is powered by Niche Tech Services (P) ltd., an IVR company based in Udaipur, India. It provides the following solutions:-

1. Hosted complaint management system using IVR ( Interactive Voice response System).

2. Provide “CLICK TO CALL” option to any website where any visitor to a website gets a call from sales person, or customer care immediately.

3. Send voice message ( also known as voice SMS) to any phone number in India.

4. Provide bulk voice message services where it can dial any phone numbers in India and play a recorded voice message on pick up. It can be used for voice message alerts, election campaign, various awareness campaign like pulse polio, road safety week, aids control etc.

5. Provide customised IVR survey solutions.

Visit for more information on Hosted IVR services in India