Click To Call


CLICK TO CALL is SaaS ( Software as a Service) product where any webmaster can add a CLICK TO CALL button on any page of their website for establishing a voice call between a web visitor and a company representative instantly.

It uses hosted IVR platform for providing voice calls where telephone number is entered by the visitor and website representative would be connected immediately. It adds immediate tele-conference to any website.

CLICK TO CALL a prepaid system where an webmaster buys number of calls in advance which will be used for making and connecting the telephone call.

Benefit to the website visitor:

  • Website becomes more unfriendly and visitor can speak to website owner/representative instantly.
  • Casual visitor would become engaged once he speaks to website representative.
  • Quick voice chat is always more personal and visitor may feel like visiting a house!

Benefit to website owner:

  • Add personal touch to the website
  • Provide instant voice communication with website visitor
  • Can keep track of serious visitor by phone
  • Help converting a visitor to customer


  • Website visitor can speak to website owner/representative by entering his phone number
  • Visitor is allowed to leave a voice mail message if no sales person is not available at that moment
  • Different phone numbers or multiple representative can be connected depending on the pages a website visitor visits
  • MIS of all calls
  • No investment on any hardware or software
  • Easy integration with any website in simple HTML code.
  • Pay for number of calls

Pricing :

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