Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System

HICMS ( Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System) provides a SaaS ( Software as a Service) where a customer of any company can lodge a complaint by dialing a telephone number. Customer will get a complaint ticket and possible complaint rectification time on voice. A company can use this service without investing anything.

Who should use ?
Any company who has customers availing their services or products may use this service for automating their complaint management system using IVR, SMS, Email as well as website. Any ISP, Electronics product servicing company, Cable company, Car servicing company or any other company which needs to address day to day complaints by its customers.


  • Customers will dial a telephone number ( every company will get an unique number), lodge complaint by pressing few keys and they would presented complaint ID and probable rectification time.
  • Caller can also record their complaints in voice which will be delivered to the company either in email attachment or voice mail system.
  • Customer can dial the telephone number and check their complaint status.
  • Company gets an web interface where it can create its own user names to login and manage complaints, view complaint reports online.
  • Company can customize their complaint types, automatic complaint assignments to its technicians.
  • Company technician can update complaint status by phone from customer premises itself.
  • Company can set alerts using by SMS, Automated Voice call and Email.
  • Company can view complaints as per customer online 24 hours a day.
  • Send bulk message by SMS to all customers, send alert on rectification of complaint by SMS or voice call.
  • VIP customers can be configured who could talk to engineers/managers directly.


  • No need to invest on any telephonic hardware or software
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Maintain customer complaint and complaint details along with technician working.
  • Ability of customer talking to company technician live through this system.
  • Can act as hosted call center where a customer
  • No initial investment, pay monthly.
  • Access MIS from anywhere using internet.
  • IVR complaint management can reduce turn-around time and can increase customer satisfaction.

Price Plans

Monthly Plan
1. Rs. 6000 a month for
a. Renting one port (1 Line) of incoming (Dedicated number will be provided to you)
b. Using IVR based online complaint management with alerts

2. Rs. 1000 for SMS alert

a. It gives 1000 free SMS a month
b. After that 50 paise per SMS

3. Rs. 1000 for Call alerts

a. 1000 unites of free outgoing call
b. After that 60 paise per 30 sec pulse.

Per Additional port : Rs. 2000/- per month.

Yearly payment :
Rs. 60,000/- per port

Setup cost :
Rs. 5000/-

** Setup cost waived off till 31st March 10

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