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* What is Click-To-Call ?
Click-to-call technology on your website can decrease web abandonment and increase online sales conversions by up to 80%. Strategically place our Call me now button on your website, and your Web Visitors can instantly get connected on Phone with your sales team at no cost to them.

* How does the click-to-call button work ?
Your Web Visitor fills in Name and his contact number in the Click To Call Box.

Our system calls him up and then calls your number (the number which you specify in configuration).

System connects both of you!

In case your number is busy or you can not take up Call, Visitor is given an option to leave a Voicemail to you. You can listen to Voice mail next time you login to

* Is Click to Call right or me ?
Click to Call is right for many people! If you use ebay, you can place links to allow buyers to instantly connect. If you have an online classified web page, allow viewers to contact listers at no cost. If you have a business web site let callers connect with a click. If you have a personal blog, let viewers call you without giving out your number. If you have a 1-800 number, let callers from your web site connect at a lower rate.

* Who pays for the call, how much is it and how is it charged ?
Click to Call customers add call credit to their account to pay for these calls. The customers using the click-to-call facility are not charged for doing so. As an introductory offer to our selective Clients we are offering a very low price of Rs. 3/Minute and there is No setup cost, No monthly cost, No minimum commitment.

* Is there a free trial ?
Yes. If you sign up you have 20 FREE minutes to use our service. You may choose to purchase more minutes after expiring your initial free 20 minutes.

* Are there any hidden fees ?
There are no hidden fees!

* What if I don't use my account frequently ?
There are no recurring fees and you are about to carry your unused minutes as long as you have an account.

* Are there any refunds ?
No. Due to our high cost per transaction, and our lowest prices on the net, we are unable to refund for any usage on accounts.

Do you guarantee your service? We guarantee all of our service. If you have issues at any time you are encouraged to contact us and we will be more then willing to credit your account.

* How long does the call process take ?
The call process will take a small number of seconds to call back the telephone number entered and connect you too.

* What happens if all my incoming lines are busy ?
The customer will hear to an announcement that you can not take the call right now, the same way as if they had called you directly. You also have an option to enable Voicemail and the customer can leave a voice message to you. Additionally, you will have their details available to you to be able to call them back if you want.

* Can I have a button on every page ?
There is no restriction on the number of click-to-call forms you have on your website. Even you can direct Calls to different numbers from different pages.

* Can I ban calls from certain Numbers ?
Yes we provide facility to Block any number you wish, this is easily done using the website.

* What happens to the call if it comes in when the office is shut ?
If a call is attempted outside these hours a special page will be displayed mentioning the Office Hours and requesting to attempt calling later.

* How do I add credit to my account ?
Click To Call is a prepaid system where you buy number of Call Units in advance and keep consuming with every successful Call.

Anytime you wish to add more Units of Calls to your account, select Buy Calls option in Account Tab.

   * Select a Product : Select Click to Call out of this

   * Unit Type : Select 60 seconds pulse Rate. This means your 1 Unit = 1 Minute of Call

   * Amount : Mention the amount in INR you wish to buy Calls, we shall calculate the number of Minutes and display on next screen.

Click on “Buy Now” and you shall be taken to Invoice Screen. Read through the Invoice to make sure that you are ordering correctly.

If you wish to proceed for confirming order, press “Confirm order”. We shall email you with the Invoice generated, the status shall be pending at this stage.

After you have generated the Invoice, you may chose to make payment immediately.

A. Paypal
Click on Make Payment Button to pay up using PayPal immediately.

B. Bank Deposit or Transfer
Please deposit the amount due as per pending Invoice into our Bank Account below and notify us. Your Pending Invoice shall be mailed to you for Record.

Bank Name : ICICI Bank
Account Number : 004505001190
Branch : Madhuban, Udaipur

* Ones you deposit the amount go in Account > Invoices and click on the link Update Payment. Update the payment information there so that we can track your payment.


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